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Low Emission Zone in Bremen

From January 1st 2009 the city of Bremen will introduce a low emission zone in order to combat the emission of particulate matter and other air pollutants. The zone will cover the city-centre (Altstadt, Östliche Vorstadt), a large part of the Neustadt district and a part of Schwachhausen.

Low emission zones are identified by traffic signs and additional signs. The ordinance on the marking of vehicles (35th BImSchV) stipulates that vehicles have to be marked with stickers (on the windscreen inside the vehicle) and lays down the criteria vehicles have to meet for the different kinds of stickers. Stickers are valid for all low emission zones in any city in Germany.

Vehicles with particularly high emissions, such as EURO 1 diesel engines not fitted with a particle filter or Otto engine vehicles without a catalytic converter, will not get a sticker when the regulation takes effect; that is, they may not drive through the low emission zone.

If you are staying in a hotel within the zone, you are allowed to enter the zone if you place the booking confirmation of the hotel behind the windscreen. The confirmation must be readable from outside the car and needs to state the name of the hotel and the duration of your stay. If your hotel does not lie within the low emission zone, you need to obtain a sticker or a certificate of exemption before driving into the zone.

However, you are allowed to access the parking garages Ostertor/Kulturmeile, Stephani and Pressehaus which are within the zone via Osterdeich, Tiefer, Martinistraße, Am Brill, Faulenstraße. For the other city centre parking garages, this exemption does not apply so that you need to have a windscreen sticker.

General information on the legal framework is available from the Federal Ministry for the Environment Externes Angebot

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